About Us

TEKii SRL began its operations on 2006. Our first goal was the design and implementation of a tracking software system for track oncological drugs. After four months of heavy development, we released TrazAudit®, Argentinian drug industry system operated by Track & Trace S. A.

After eight years of continuous operations, the third generation of TrazAudit® registered 14.790.801 transactions and 20.147.998 uniquely identified drugs from 3.399 medical specialities, serving 515.784 patients.

TrazAudit® incorporated asymmetric encryption technologies and digital signing of the stored information. TrazAudit® distributed cryptographic hardware tokens to users to ensure secure access.

On 2011 by subscribing to the resolution Nº 435/2011, ANMAT (Argentinean National food and drugs agency) announced the enactment of Argentinean National Drug Traceability System. TEKii SRL implemented Auditor®, a pattern oriented, distributed Traceability System that complies to the requirements described in resolution Nº 3683/2011.

Auditor® service complies with all ANMAT provisions of this law and serves its clients by converting legacy information to government standards with minimal dependency.

Auditor® analyzes available information, extracts, identifies by relevancy, calculates, normalizes and transmits all the events required by ANMAT. The result is automatically audited. Operators receive any detected deviation in order to fix it and retransmit the event.

Auditor® has processed 20.366.773 transactions, univocally identified 5.437.193 drug packages and currently analyzes 70000 transactions on a daily basis.